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Why East Texas is Booming

Many people are moving to East Texas for the country, small-town lifestyle, and friendly atmosphere. Along with the many great things about East Texas, it's also growing at a fast rate. This is great for business owners because there is a good demand for new restaurants and businesses and property is appreciating quickly.

The area is seeing new jobs, businesses are being created, and the population is up for almost every county in East Texas. The question everyone wants answered is "why?" Here we'll talk about some of the things causing the boom. We'll also share some facts, figures, and general information about what's going on in and around East Texas.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

People move to east Texas for jobs. While there may not be as many jobs in the area as there are in Houston or Dallas, there are still plenty of opportunities for those who want to work hard and get ahead.

The East Texas economy is a mix of oil and gas, manufacturing, and agriculture. But there's also a strong service sector that includes call centers, medical facilities, and retail stores.

The unemployment rate in Longview, one of the fastest-growing cities in East Texas over the past decade, was just 2 percent in April 2015 — well below the national average of 5 percent. The city's largest employer is Longview Regional Medical Center with more than 1,600 employees on its payroll. Other major employers include Tyson Foods, Performance Food Group and United Parcel Service (UPS). Amazon recently announced plans to build two new distribution centers in the area — one near Lufkin and another near Tyler — which will create thousands of jobs when they open later this year.

Affordable homes

For many families, the Texas economy is booming. People are moving to the state from other parts of the country, and as a result, there is a shortage of affordable housing. But not in East Texas!

The population in the East Texas area is growing at a rapid rate. This is due to the affordable housing cost and the job market.

The average home price in East Texas is $172,732. This is much lower than the national average of $247,700. The median home price in East Texas is also much lower than in other areas of the state.

Quality of life

People move to east Texas for the high quality of life and low cost of living. East Texas is a beautiful place to live and raise a family, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. East Texans are proud of their heritage, but they also embrace modern amenities such as technology and entertainment options.

The people who live here are friendly and welcoming. The communities have a small-town charm with big-city amenities. There are plenty of festivals that celebrate the arts and music throughout the year in this region. If you're looking for an affordable place to live where there's always something fun going on, then east Texas is the place for you!

Easy Commute to Dallas

There are many reasons why East Texas is booming.

One of the main reasons is its proximity to big cities like Houston and Dallas. It's only a one to two-hour drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth area depending on where exactly you live, making it easy for people who work there to live in East Texas. And if you're looking for a place where you can start your own business, it's also easy to commute to Houston or Dallas.

This makes going into Dallas for work or fun very easy. The drive from Tyler down to Houston is about 3 hours, which is also very convenient for traveling between cities.

Vibrant, diverse local culture

East Texans love their state - and they love their small towns. You can find a quiet place to relax on Lake Sam Rayburn or find something exciting to do in Tyler, where you can go see a play at the Theatre Under the Stars or visit one of their many museums.

In addition to the arts and entertainment scene, East Texas offers plenty of outdoor activities and festivals to enjoy year-round. Whether you're into music or food, there's something for everyone. The region also has a strong agriculture industry with some wineries throughout the area that attract visitors from all over the state.

Outdoor Activities Galore

People are moving to east Texas for outdoor activities and lifestyle. The area has many lakes, rivers, forests, and more. It's also home to some of the best fishing in North America.

The piney woods region offers scenic drives through tall pines, abundant wildlife, and miles of hiking trails. The area has become a popular destination for birding enthusiasts from around the world.

East Texas offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for all ages. From hunting, fishing, swimming, and boating to hiking, camping, and mountain biking, there is something for everyone in East Texas.


There are numerous reasons for the boom in growth, and there should be more in the future. Many people move to East Texas from more populated counties in order to escape some of the hustle and bustle of city life. The people are great, the weather is usually good, and there are plenty of opportunities to work or open a new business. There's something for everyone, so if you're looking to move, or if you're considering investing in some land in the area, consider doing so soon because most of these counties are growing fast!


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