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Quality Pre-owned Tractors and Prize Longhorn Cattle

Latest Tractors

Latest Longhorns

Longhorns for sale coming soon!

Pre-owned Tractors for sale

We have a great selection of well-maintained used tractors for sale. We also sell other used farm machinery, and even trailers.


All the tractors we sell are inspected and serviced in our own service center. They’re not old, beat up tractors that other dealers sell as “repaired”. All tractors are refurbished and in great condition.


Buchanan’s Bighorn Ranch is a home-grown Greenville business. If you've been searching in vain for a great used tractor, come check out our selection!

Quality Longhorns for sale

Longhorns are a Texas tradition that represent the Lone State. If you’re looking for amazing animals that look great on a Texas ranch, then look no further.

We at Buchanan’s Bighorn Ranch take pride in our longhorn cattle and feel it is important to keep this breed of cattle among the native species of Texas. Our animals are carefully bred to improve their meat quality and visual appeal.

Do you want to build a herd of prize longhorn cattle? Then check out our well-bred animals!


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About the Ranch

Generations of Cattle Raising


We have been raising registered longhorns since 1999. We are located in Greenville, Texas. We have about 130 head and 4 herd sires. Great horns and quality pedigrees.

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